Covid-19 Policies

All staff will wear face coverings.

Children will wear face coverings when able.

All children with long hair need to wear their hair pulled back so that it is not in their face.  This will discourage touching their face.

No parents will enter the building.

Parents will drop off outside the building where they will be met with a staff member who will take your child's temperature with a no contact thermometer. Please be aware that no child with a temperature above 100.4 will be allowed to attend school/camp that day. 

Hand sanitizer will be used prior to entering the building.

All students arriving from school for after care will be met at the bus as usual but will then have their temperature taken and hand sanitizer used before entering the building.  

Updated mask policy for students 

The governor has now mandated masks on everyone age 2 and up. However, the governor has also said your child must be able to put on, take off and situate on their face their own mask. If you feel that a mask on your child will not work (they need any help at all with one) please email us and that is considered appropriate documentation, based on the governor’s mandate, that your child can be at school maskless. However, it is advisable that you work with your child to eventually be able to correctly wear a face covering.

Thanks and remember to wash your hands friends!